T&A Family:

I don’t ask for help often, so this is tough for me to do, but we need help. The recent record flooding on the Elkhorn River took a toll on T&A, and the entire campground was destroyed. We lost a lot of land, vehicles, equipment, etc. If we want to continue being in business, we will need help to keep us going. Please help us if you can.




Donate (Click Here)

Donations will go towards repairing or replacing equipment and helping us stay open in the future.  


Pre-Order Tubes at a Discounted Rate (Click Here)

Pay for a tube and receive a 20% discount for floats on Saturdays and Sundays. There will be no expiration for these, they can be used this summer (if we are open), 5 years from now, or whenever you want. Normally weekends are $25 per person, but this discount is for $20 per person, so you are getting a 20% discount if you pay early. A reservation will still need to be made, however bring the receipt on the day of the float to verify payment has already been made. Pre-payment will help us in our cleanup efforts.