Question:  Do we float upstream?

  • Answer: No, we bus you upstream, then you float downstream back to T&A.

Question: How long is the float?

  • Answer: Typically 3.5 to 5.5 hours depending on the river depth, wind speed, weight of coolers, etc.  It is tough to say, since every group is different.  You will need to be back to T&A by 8 PM at the latest.

Question:  How deep is the river?

  • We typically put people on the river when the average channel depth is 5.0 feet or below.  When it gets above that, then we cancel for safety reasons.  The river is a sand-bottom river, so the depth varies considerably.  One step can be 4 inches deep, and the next step can be over your head.

Question:  How many people can connect together?

  • We like to keep it around 20 people maximum.  Much more than that, we will split you into 2 groups, and you can float side by side.

Question:  Is a deposit required?  When do we pay?  What method of payment do you take?

  • A deposit is not required.  It is easiest if you just pay on the day of the float.  If each person wants to pay individually, great.  If one person wants to collect the money, that is fine too.  Whatever is easiest for you.  We take cash, check, or credit card.  We do charge a 3% credit card fee if you want to use a card though.

Question:  Will we get our money back if it is cancelled?  Will it be rescheduled?

  • We don't take a deposit, so there is no money to return to you.  The cancelled float will not automatically get rescheduled, but you are more than welcome to set up another float with us.

Question:  Are tents provided with camping?  Are grills provided?

  • Nope.  You have to bring your own tent, grills, food, coolers, grill grate, cooking utensils, etc.

Question:  Do we have to bring our own coolers for the float?

  • Yes, we provide cooler CARRIER tubes, but they do not come with a cooler.  You need to bring your own coolers.

Question:  Is the staff really as awesome as we have heard?

  • I guess you need to come find out for yourself.  :-)