T&A Campground

  • This is a map showing the T&A Campground.  To download a PDF of the map,  CLICK HERE
  • Section A, B, and F are tent camping only.  No electric available.
  • Section T is short term RV camping.  Electric (30 amp) and water is available.  Available to reserve for up to 1 week maximum.
  • Seasonal RV sites are listed below the map.
Layout of the T&A Campground

Layout of the T&A Campground

RV Spots (Seasonal Leases April 1 to October 31)

  • Section P: Located on the Fishing Pond.  Includes Water and Electric (30 amp and/or 50 amp)
    • P-1:  Leased
    • P-2:  Leased
    • P-3:  Leased
    • P-4:  Leased
    • P-5:  Leased
    • P-6:  Leased
    • P-7:  Available
    • P-8:  Leased
    • P-9:  Available
    • P-10:  Available
    • P-11:  Available
    • P-12:  Available
  • Section N: Located North of the Fishing Pond in a nice grove of trees.  Includes Water and Electric (30 amp only)
    • N-1:  Available
    • N-2:  Available
    • N-3:  Available
    • N-4:  Available
    • N-5:  Available
    • N-6:  Available
    • N-7:  Available
    • N-8: Available
  • Section R: Not Available Yet