Adventure (Tubing/Kayaking) Rules:

Don't jump off this dude.

Don't jump off this dude.

  1. Under no circumstances will littering be tolerated. Trash sacks will be provided.   A litter fee will be charged if all of the items taken on the trip are not present at the end of the trip.
  2. Most of the land on the river is PRIVATE PROPERTY. Most sandbars are even private property. We encourage everyone to stay off of private property. Watch for "No Trespassing" signs, and be respectful if a property owner asks you to leave.
  3. You may not bring your own tube or kayak. No exceptions.
  4. You MUST show up on time. Arrive at your reserved arrival time.  That gives you a half hour to get everyone checked in and organized.  The bus leaves 10 minutes after the hour and will not wait for you. If you miss your bus, you will not get to go on your adventure.
  5. Be courteous to others on the river. Watch foul language if kids or families are nearby.
  6. Do not attempt getting off of the tube or kayak in deep water, near debris, or near bridges.
  7. If you cannot swim, are not an intermediate level swimmer, or are under the age 14, you will need to wear a lifejacket at all times.  Tubing & Adventures has an adult sized life jacket attached to each tube. If you will need one, make sure you have a life jacket that fits.   Parents with kids will need to bring their own life jackets for their children. Even though the depth is listed to be 3 feet, there are many locations where the river will be over a person's head.
  8. A Tubing & Adventures staff member will tell you approximately how long the trip should take. If you plan to stop on a sandbar for a while, please tell the staff member ahead of time, so he or she can expect you at the destination point at a later time.  You will need to be off the river by 8 pm, no later.
  9. If your tube pops, grab on to an adjacent tube, hold on, and try to enjoy the rest of the trip. Please bring the damaged tube back.  We will try our best to get you another tube, but it isn't always possible.
  10. No guns...for obvious reasons. Water guns are allowed though.
  11. Anyone under the age of 16 must have at least 1 adult with them or the group.
  12. Anyone under 18 must have approval from a parent or guardian before renting a tube.
  13. Kids must be 8 years of age or older to float. No exceptions.
  14. MUST have fun!


Camping Rules:

  1. Under no circumstances will littering be tolerated. Please throw trash away in appropriate locations. 
  2. You must check in upon arrival.  Try to check in and check out roughly at the times that you indicated.
  3. All customers that are not camping must leave the property by 9 pm.  
  4. Fishing is catch and release.  No eating or keeping fish.  Fishing in the river will require a fishing permit, but fishing in the ponds will not require a fishing permit.
  5. Be courteous to others at other camp sites. Don't be too obnoxious.  Watch foul language if kids or families are nearby.
  6. Family camping area must be quiet starting at 10 pm.  If you start getting too loud in any of our camping areas, our security guard will come by and ask you to quiet down.
  7. Must be 21 to drink alcohol on our property, no exceptions.
Don't climb trees and jump into the these daring ladies.

Don't climb trees and jump into the these daring ladies.